Other Areas of Practice

Business Law

For many of our business clients, Avolio Law Group acts as outside general counsel and provides legal advice in a number of areas. Areas of representation depend on client needs but can be focused or comprehensive such as: Start-up corporate formation; Stockholder and partner relations; Best practices and basic contract matters; Negotiation, Litigation, and Arbitration

Criminal Law

Here at Avolio Law group, we have defended the citizens of Westmoreland County in multiple areas of criminal law such as traffic matters and DUIs.  We strive for outcomes that help you avoid serious consequences and protect your rights.

General and Civil Litigation

Avolio Law Group can provide experienced litigation in various areas of the law including: Litigation (such as Personal Injury cases arising from automobile accidents, products defects, infliction of emotional distress and negligence); Disputes such as breach of contracts, employment law, non-competes, and landlord-tenant; Trial; Negotiation, Arbitration and Mediation; Lien actions (Mechanic’s Lien)

Municipal Law

For countless years we have helped to manage and grow the very cities and townships in which we work and live. Our areas of expertise include: Land use and zoning; Water, wastewater, and sewer regulations/management; Condemnation Eminent Domain

Real Estate Law

Avolio Law Group provides legal services that help with even the most complex real estate transactions.  We represent real estate brokers, landlords, mortgage brokers, buyers, sellers and/or commercial tenants.